Carlisle Shortening Extender: Saves Frying Oil, Saves Money

This frying oil filtration aid removes disolved impurities and microscopic particles from frying oil. It keeps frying oil clean so that it lasts longer, and keeps fried foods tasting great. That means less wasted frying oil, reduced frying oil expenses, and happier customers. It works with existing fryer filter systems and is safe and easy to use. Find out how much your kitchen could save....

Save $2500 per Year

An average restaurant with two fryers saves over $2500 a year by using Carlisle Shortening Extender instead of just a paper oil filter alone.

Used in kitchens across America

Carlisle Shortening Extender has made a name for itself everywhere, from national fast food chains to mom-n-pop restaurants across the country. This little secret is sure to add profits to your bottom line.

Safe and Easy

Carlisle Shortening Extender is internationally approved food safe and is made in the USA. It only takes 10 minutes a day, and you are on your way to cleaner, tastier, and healthier frying oil.